We take inspiration from traditional  cooking style from around the globe, skillfully crafting menus for any occasion, blending a distinct fusion of flavors that sets us apart. We provide our exceptional services in different industries.

Hospitality and Industrial Catering

iCAT’s expertise lies in Hospitality and Industrial Catering, rooted in hotels’ Staff Food Catering. With a Core Team from Five Star Hotels, we understand catering requirements well. Working with hoteliers, we ensure high standards and satisfaction in hotel employee catering. Focusing on taste and service, we enhance client experiences. Our priority is nutritious, varied menus for Staff Food Catering, prioritizing your employees’ dining experience.

Corporate Buffets

Welcome to our world of Culinary Brilliance – Corporate Buffets creating extraordinary experiences. Elevate events with a symphony of exquisite delights, catering to various tastes. Impeccable presentation adds elegance, making your event truly memorable. Trust us for Unforgettable Corporate Buffets. Indulge in Exquisite Delights, Impeccable Service. Create Memorable Moments – Trust Us.

Private events

iCAT is a preferred choice of the clients for the contemporary corporate and events caterer. We provide innovative and tailor made catering and banquets of all kinds of events, meetings, fine dining and other corporate events.  We provide high standards of services and quality of food for all sorts of banqueting and events. Décor and the elegance of presenting the food garnishes any event and our Culinary Team takes special care in enhancing each and every events and functions.

School Catering

Education Sector Specialists. Vast experience in educational catering, providing quality and nutritious foods to schools, colleges, and universities. We offer innovative catering solutions by interacting with students and understanding their needs, ensuring client and student satisfaction.

Hospital Catering

At iCAT, we understand the significance of exceptional hospital catering. Our culinary expertise extends beyond taste, focusing on nourishing patients with thoughtfully curated menus.

Group Activities​

Al Shahad Catering Services LLC stands as a premier catering and support services company in the UAE, founded in 1999 to offer top-notch catering, restaurant, and retail services to flourishing communities within the Arabian Gulf. With our roots in Dubai, UAE, we proudly extend our operations to Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and India. Join us in the pursuit of culinary excellence and shared experiences!

  • Facility management and Catering
  • Restaurant & Café Management

Our USP's

Welcome to iCAT, where culinary craftsmanship meets tailored excellence. With a passion for innovation, we forge trusted relationships with our valued clients, delivering authentic flavors sourced from the finest ingredients. Embracing global reach and a local touch, our end-to-end solutions encompass catering and facilities management. Join us in savoring the extraordinary!

  • Culinary Craftsmanship: Passionate culinary artistry, mesmerizing dishes.
  • Tailored Excellence: Custom solutions for ultimate satisfaction.
  • Innovation Unleashed: Evolving for cutting-edge services.
  • Trusted Relationships: Lasting bonds with clients.
  • Authentic Flavors: Essence of finest ingredients.
  • Global Reach, Local Touch: International expertise, personalized care.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From catering to facilities management.
You Bring The Guests. Let Us Do The Rest.
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